Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Message

What is our story?

It's not about our story but yours. Your story is about reclaiming your empire. Self-reliance reigns supreme.  Dependency is your enemy. You have the ability to control your own destiny. Yet we all  need fuel for the fire. Our message is fuel…our message is in the music. This is about deciding on an objective and working, adapting, and adjusting until you get there. This is not about healing. You will change as you stick with your pursuit.  You will transform… Form follows function. Action brings transformation.

Value and virtue

Independence is more than just freedom. It is self-reliance. True Freedom is born of taking responsibility for your life. We qualify for getting more out of life by giving more and exchanging value for value-reciprocity. The community that makes progress is the one that respects the power of the individual and establishes itself in the exchange of value for value, building the community in the process. No Looters-No Moochers allowed. Ability to manifest what you want comes from a definite vision of where you want to go and what you want to accomplish, a fixed purpose, a steady faith, and a deep sense of gratitude. Faith is a rigorously developed mental and emotional disposition of gratitude and patient constancy. Without faith what hope is there that one’s effort will amount to anything. Operate territorially not hierarchically…stop comparing yourself to others. Express the excellence that is within your own person. Find YOUR work and do it to the best of YOUR ability. Moving forward fearlessly is confidence… Moving forward in the face of fear is courage. Living with courage will help you build confidence. It has been said that Innovation is rewarded… Execution is worshipped. Effective and efficient work is the rule. Quality practice and execution with relentless consistency is the way of the productive soul. Approach the day’s tasks with ruthless execution. Approach the work with clarity of purpose, organization, structure, and flow. Establish a Practice and Process-defined by what, when, where, how, and why.

Choose to succeed… Conquer thy self… Continue to strive

Choose to succeed

It is as raw and simple as making a decision to accomplish an end and/or die in the process. Make a decision to do the work that leads to the accomplishment of the goal. Make a commitment to doing the work. Decide to be ready at every moment to give up what you are for what you must become.

Conquer thy self

The commitment to doing the work in your practice is your training. You are not your body. You govern your body. You govern your mind. You direct your thoughts. In order to develop what many refer to as the killer instinct you must train. A wise man once said if you want to master Kung Fu your training must be severe. Any challenge that you face is really just an aspect of your own self that you need to face. The challenges we face are not necessarily there to take our life away as we sometimes feel in our weaker moments. That which seems like it could kill you is helping you see how strong you truly are. It's either important enough for you to do it or it's not. Your natural state is flow. You are a dynamic moving force. Be fierce. Be relentless.

Continue to strive

Through the process of self-mastery and submitting to doing the work you will advance, naturally. You will affect everything around you.

YOU are the solution to the problem

The problem is we know what the truth is. We know the truth when we hear it. But we have yet to manifest the truth we know. We want a different situation without the transformation. We want to go straight to being the hero with all of the accolades and comfort and strength without going through what it takes to become the hero. We shrink away from the pain, exile, drudgery, and the severe training and skill acquisition. We unconsciously reject the tenacity, the blood, sweat, and tears. Our purpose is to provide the fuel for your movement-the soundtrack and the motivation and share our perspective and things that have inspired us. Who are we to offer such? We are grinders, workers, artists, and fellow warriors in the fight. There is more than meets the eye. Life is a current-we must dive in, face fear, and transform.

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